For us Mt Cook School’s close knit community brings to mind such words as: diversity; support;
vibrant; creative; multi-cultural; different; fun;

This is a state school with a special approach to supporting our children to think for themselves,
develop independence and confidence in their abilities as well as taking responsibility for their own

From our central city location we have easy access to many interesting activities the city has to offer.

At Mt Cook School we are building on the great work done by previous staff and school community
members to create a warm, inclusive learning environment for all of our students. We aim to inspire
and promote curiosity, creativity and individual growth through academic, cultural and physical
achievements and the developing of social skills.

We have about 285 students ( Y 1 – 8 ) and have an enrolment scheme in place that includes a school
zoning policy.

Welcome to Mt Cook School.

Sandra McCallum