About Mt Cook School

Our values and vision

Mt Cook is a community where belonging, curiosity and creativity matter. We work hard to make Mt Cook School a place where tamariki, whanau and staff feel like they belong. We want our people to be who they are and know that they are valued for that. Mt Cook School is a place where curiosity is nurtured and our tamakiri are given the time and space explore the world around them in creative ways.

Who we are & what we do

Mt Cook is a diverse, vibrant inner-city school with a roll of around 260 tamariki. We have an engaged close-knit community, a highly supportive board of trustees, and a talented committed staff who care. From our central city location, we have easy access to the exciting and diverse activities the city has to offer.

Mt Cook School is committed to providing a warm, inclusive learning environment for all of our tamariki. We aim to inspire and promote curiosity, creativity and individual growth through academic, cultural and physical experiences and the development of social skills. We embrace playfulness and want our children to feel joy in their learning.

Our learning dispositions

We have identified curiosity, confidence, perseverance and adaptability as the learning dispositions that will strengthen our tamariki as learners and 21st century citizens. In and out of the classroom. We create and seek rich learning experiences that allow our tamariki to grow their capability in these dispositions.

Our team

Lliam Carran
Briar Hohua
Office Manager
Kate Ashby
Deputy Principal | Senior Team Leader
Kowhai, Yr 7/8
Marije Knevel
Associate Principal | Junior Team Leader
Peka Peka & Kereru, Yr 1
Shona Fort
Peka Peka & Kereru, Yr 1
Jackie McAuliffe
Mako, Yr 1
Yue He
Kiwi, Yr 2/3
Eden Gray
Takahe, Yr 2/3
Gina Newman
Senior Teacher
Katipo, Yr 3/4
Te Maia Williams
Tuatara, Yr 4/5
Shirley Carran
Manaia, Yr 5/6
Sandra Boolieris
Teacher, Specialist Maths Teacher
Manaia, Yr 5/6
Scott McGregor
ESOL Teacher
Lisa Wollner
Kākapo, Yr 6/7
Silvia Meijer
Harakeke, Yr 7/8
Nicola Shuttleworth
Kowhai, Yr 7/8
Delia Culling

Simon Depree
Technology Team Leader
Hard Materials
Jason Cadwallader

Electronics/Design Technology
Louise Brownlee

Soft Materials/Sewing
Diane Chong

Food Technology
Stu Fone

Robotics/Movie Making

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Kelly McArthur

Design Tech
Jenny Curtis

Resource Teacher of Literacy (based at MCS)
Karen Jones

Reading Recovery Teacher
Robyn O'Shea

Release Teacher
Kate Le Masurier

Release Teacher
Sheila Mackie-Paul

Release Teacher
Pippa Rippon

Teacher Aide
Sarah Beale

Teacher Aide
Agne Lastauskaite

Teacher Aide
George Goodwin

Teacher Aide
Shenee Riley

Teacher Aide
Maddi Crutch

Teacher Aide
Manisha Toley

Teacher Aide
Muna Koujan

Teacher Aide
Alex Davis

Teacher Aide

Board of Trustees

Jo Hendy (Board Chair)
Sue Perry
David Lloyd
Orla Carmody
Orepa Fiaalii
Lliam Carran (Principal)
Kate Ashby (Staff Rep)